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False Gods (2008 - 2014), a Piano Concerto against Authoritarianism

Help me get this work to the concert hall.

Are you a pianist, director o board member of a symphony orchestra that could be interested in this project and what it represents or do you know someone who could take an interest?

On this webpage you can listen to the Midi Demo of this piano concerto and also download the piano and orchestra score and the solo piano score.

If you are interested and want to get in touch with me please send me an email to

This work questions false authority for its abuse of power, mediocrity and despising human values.

It is a call to consciousness and dignity. It rejects hidden and covert policies based on lies and deceit that instill despair, fear, pasivity and lack of initiative.

It is not an easy work, neither in its conception or performance but I hope that overcoming its difficulties, the strength and profoundness of its message and audience receptivity would amply satisfy the necessary effort.

False Gods (2008 - 2014), for piano and symphony orchestra by Ricardo Teruel

I. Lies, Deceit, Power

II. believing, doubting...

III. Toppling Pedestals, Burying Idols

Download Scores (click on the images)

Piano & Orchestra (242 pages.)                          Solo Piano (40 pages.)

00_Falsos-Dioses_Partitura-en-Do.pdf  30_Piano_Falsos-Dioses.pdf

Note on the composition of False Gods:

In 2002 I conceive the piano concertoFalse Gods

I need to let the idea mature, develop a deeper understanding of its meaning and internalize the energies I wish to evoke.

It is my artistic response to what I see as a political, social and economic national tradgedy in Venezuela, the degradation of fundamental liberties, lost opportunities and a immense moral crisis.

In 2008 I feel I cannot, must not pospone the composition of this work. I have to face it head on and no other project is more important.

The first chord with which the concerto begins is obvious, so obvious that I need two weeks to find it. The problem was obvious but the solution not so much.

In January 2010 I finish the first movement: I. Lies, Deceit, Power. I need a break.
For the next two years I dedicate my creative energies to my unipersonal recital back, without having left where I use my recent works of videoart as backdrops and interact live with their soundtracks playing electronically processed english concertina, inflatable balloons and a plastic toy rainstick with coloured beads. I was only able to present it once, due to lack of opportunities.

I write the second movement of the piano concerto II. believing, doubting... in 2012 and the third III. Toppling Pdestals, Burying Idols from January 2013 to September 2014.

I never expected that it would take me nearly five years working on this piece to complete it.

Now I need it to be played or all that effort will go to waste. A work of music does not exist if it is not played.

Ricardo Teruel, Caracas, September 2014

Note on the meaning and significance of False Gods

Intolerance, Meanness, Cruelty, Secrecy.
Abuse of Power, Authoritarianism, Mediocrity, Repression, Indifference.
Populism, Demagogy, Farce, Fraude, Resentment, Rancour.
Lie, Insult, Deceive, Humilliate.
Assault, Disqualify, Intimidate, Impose, Corrupt.
Deny, Falsify, Hide.

Physical violence, Psychological violence, Moral violence, Spiritual violence.
Auditive violence. Visual violence.

Avarice, Greed, Hate, Haughtiness, Arrogance.
Justifying crime. Praising ignorance. Orders and submission.

Distortion and Misrepresentation of language. Destructuion of Meaning.
Misinformation. Distortion of reality.

Is it possible that they have imposed on us these codes of conduct?
Look at their feet of clay. They are False Gods.

To govern is to serve, with no privileges and no discrimination. A service that should make us all proud and bring out the best in every one of us.

Let's topple the pedestals. Bury the idols.
Multiply opportunities, with respect, diversity, dignity, knowledge and aknowledgement.
Let's build coexistence. Let's find common ground. Let's find shared dreams.

Ricardo Teruel, Caracas, September 2014


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